LENS llc.


LENS is an independent creative lab based on Tokyo.

More activities can be seen at FuwariLAB.

The team

岡田憲一 - Kenichi Okada
Kenichi Okada is an interaction designer in Tokyo. After studying at Royal College of Art in UK, he has worked at Creative Center in Sony. The aim of his artistic study is to design a trigger for creation by using several media such as films, products and installations. Kenichi’s works have shown in several museum such as MoMA in NewYork and 21_21 DESIGN SITE in Tokyo.

冷水久仁江 - Kunie Hiyamizu
After graduating from university, she attended an interior design academy. She worked at a renovation company for 4 years designing shops and houses. She serves as a board member of the Gunma Interior Coordinators’ Association while working at a company that produces package design and product plans. She showcases her work through exhibitions and publications.